I've never received a better astrological reading from anyone.

Christine has an innate ability to interpret all the aspects of your horoscope and be able to explain to you how each aspect affects the whole. I've received a synergistic horoscope from her that made it more clear where the pitfalls were in the relationship,  and how to avoid them or deal with them in a positive way.  She goes into depth with her explanations,  and does not assume you know what the planets are doing;  she explains it very well.  Receiving anything in writing from Christine is a pleasure,  she has a wonderful style of writing in an entertaining fashion,  and explains things in simple terms so the layman can understand.  

— V. Sabo

Start an Inner Evolution with a Personality Profile Interpretation

A birth chart is like a map of your personality. It exposes your motivations, weaknesses, strengths, triggers, and talents. A birth chart interpretation will last you a lifetime; every time you read it, your life experiences become clearer and more meaningful. 

Every celestial body represents a road in the map of your Self. The sun is your will and ego. The moon is your emotional security and deep-seated triggers. The ascendent is your face to the world and how you respond when in uncomfortable or threatening situations, and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and other bodies come in to flesh out the full-bodied spectrum of You.

Sun in Pisces, Gemini Rising. Is this you?

Sun in Pisces, Gemini Rising. Is this you?

Synastry Charts - The Analysis of Relationship

A synastry chart details the compatibility of two people. You will learn how and why you were attracted to each other, and what parts of your personality are most compatible and which parts create friction - all of this can apply to lovers, parents, siblings, business partners, and more.

Synastry charts give you long-term and ongoing advice on how to better see and understand one another - each person has their own language, and astrology can help you translate how someone shows emotions, love, desire, and loyalty. 

Individual birth charts can be written or interpreted in person. Written birth charts are about 35-45 pages and synastry charts are about 60 pages and more.

All charts are written by Christine - no computer generated interpretations here. Payment is done on a sliding scale.

Personality Profile in Writing (35-45 pages)

$75 - $90

Personality Profile in Person (please provide your own recording device)

$90-$115 (up to two hours)

Synastry Chart in Writing (60+ pages)

$95 - $110

Synastry Chart in Person (please provide your own recording device)

$110 - $135 (up to two hours)