Do you want to master a handstand?

I see this headline a lot - why is everyone into mastering a handstand? I'm not here to say there are any BAD reasons to want to master a body position, but let's be clear - it's just a position you make with your body. Your ability to create certain angles and shapes with your body has no bearing on your ability to love yourself, be compassionate towards others, and act from a place of gentleness. 

Those just happen to be the top three traits I feel are most important in my own development - you may have different traits in mind for yourself. As much as I love, LOVE to float on my hands, or stand on one leg in impossible positions for as long as I can, I know it doesn't make me a better yogi/yogini. I also know that if my body suddenly cries at me for doing the poses I love to do, I have to listen to my body, not my ego. And yes, there is often a mourning period when I realize a certain pose is no longer accessible. I think it's silly, but I accept it and move on.

So, WHY do you want to master a handstand? Why do I enjoy teaching them so much? (Yes, it's partly the gymnastics coach in me). Does it matter? I don't think so. But in my own practice, I want to make sure that chasing asana is not my only goal. I also wish to respond rather than react, to talk about my reality in a positive way, to meet others where they are at rather than thrust my expectations on them, and other such ways of acting with loving kindness. 

These are just what I choose to work on and what I feel are important - from a personality that strives to achieve, I am learning sometimes I just need to BE. From a personality that often wants to please others, I just need to PLEASE ME. And as someone who prefers to hide in a corner rather than show vulnerability, I just need to learn to BALANCE. 

Why do you want to learn how to do what you want to do? There is no right or wrong answer; it's the asking of the question that is often most important. 


Written by Oceana LeBlanc:

Beauty. In order for beauty to be appreciated, it must be appreciated. Sounds like a redundant no-brainer, but I think we're sent a mixed message in this society.

Beauty is coveted, and celebrated, and prioritized, but mostly only the beauty that is approved of by the ones that set the standards for it and sell the beauty products.

That, to me, is the shadow side of beauty where targeting insecurity is a marketing ploy to give a company financial gain.

The beauty I'm speaking to is spiritual beauty, which is also reflected on the material, physical plane. Beauty is indeed, in the eye of the beholder. It's also in the way we walk through the world and how we carry ourselves, the energy we exude, and the celebration of beauty as a spiritual practice.

The healing power of beauty that is in the mystery for the most part, is that when we choose to look for beauty, we not only find it, but it magnifies and multiplies.

And in that practice, we ourselves become more beautiful.

Beauty: one of the four pillars of spiritual power.