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Level of Physical Vigor/Yoga Experience

Level 1: For beginners and/or those with very limited mobility. Great for anyone that is seasoned, as they can get back to basics and dial it down a notch. If you are recovering from injury, have severe physical limitations, or have just given birth make sure you have your doctor’s approval to practice yoga. 

Level 2: Appropriate for beginners that are athletic and/or have previous sports training experience, or people that have been practicing regularly for a few months. Great for people that are getting back into yoga after a long break. Limited mobility is fine with doctor’s approval.

Level 3: Long-time practitioners or really athletic/body aware students should benefit. These classes move a bit faster with a vinyasa element and/or will introduce you to less common/more challenging poses.

Level 4: Should have a desire/willingness to work arm balances and inversions. Should be comfortable with handstand at a wall and be able to push up to upward facing bow (or a gymnastics bridge). Most importantly, you should know your own body, when to back off, and when to go for the gusto.




Private Sessions


5pm Ebb n' Flow - Core Strength Vinyasa (3/4)

6:30pm - Ebb n' Flow - Yin Prana Flow (Yin Yoga w/focus on breath) (2)


Coming Soon: Online Worldwide 1 hour class: 1pm EST


5pm Ebb n' Flow - Core Strength Vinyasa (3)


7pm - First Friday of every month - 9/1 - Ebb n' Flow - Candlelight Restorative w/Thai Bodywork (All Levels)


Private Sessions - 9am-1pm


Workshops and Bodywork Sessions


Core Strength Vinyasa - A yoga perspective founded by Sadie Nardini, this style of yoga changes the way we transition into and build our poses. 

From Sadie’s website: “Together, my Principles and Poses simplify how to access, comprehend and use the “core” most efficiently to gain the maximum yoga benefits (calorie burn, strength, flexibility, focus, self-awareness, confidence…) in the least amount of time.”

This class teaches you how to be your own furnace, so you build heat from the inside out. Classes heated at no more than 78 degrees. 

This yoga perspective helped Christine maintain a vigorous practice and heal herself from nagging injuries that she developed in her previous style of practice. 

HathaYin - Most of these classes are done on or close to the floor. Expect core strengthening, stretching that is both static and done in mini-vinyasa sequences, as well as some prop use. Explore poses in a deeper way from a different level - both literally and figuratively. 

Hatha - This class uses its time to explore pranayama, meditation, and asana in a thoughtful, unhurried way. Poses are often held a bit longer, and many times there is a theme or reading from text to give food for thought throughout the class. Wall ropes incorporated @ Ebb n' Flow Yoga.

Restorative/Candlelight Restorative w/Thai Massage - Restorative yoga is designed to guide blood and lymph flow back towards the heart. It is done with MANY props, is very restful, and the poses are held for a long time. Ideally, these postures flip the switch on the nervous system so the Rest & Digest impulse takes over. Many people report sleeping extremely well the night of a restorative class. 

I add the touch of Thai Yoga Massage, although students are welcome to opt out.